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Storage number
Storage specifications
Width: 7.00 m
Length: 11.44 m
Height: 5.85 m
Squares: 92.6 m2
Cubage: 417 m3
Level: standard
Address: Lillemäe tee 2
Kookon type:

The spaces can be fitted according to their intended use. All spaces have heating and internet, and are prepared for water and sewage.

Choose rent period:
Extra equipment fitted:
Second floor
Choose extra equipment:
WC and sink
Boiler 10L
Boiler 50L
To choose a service please set your rental period to 12 months or higher

Monthly lease:


Online booking will be available from April 2023

Kookon is currently being constructed. Construction will be completed in April 2023

Lillemäe tee 2


+372 5199 9075