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How did Kookontake flight

Kookon was born from a simple need for a new kind of storage space
that would fit the fast and mobile lifestyles of modern people. It was also based on a dream
to do this better than anyone before.

The original idea quickly developed into
a unique concept that
blends long-term experience on the real estate market
with high-level IT skills.

This led to fully automated storage spaces
that can be managed via a website and mobile app. That means that you can go about your business
flexibly and effectively, saving yourself time in the process. This has also fulfilled
storage space renters’ dream of having more time for important people
and activities.

This innovative solution ensures that no one has to wait around in a storage space

to hand over goods, drive all the way there to open just one door or worry about whether the alarm system has been activated – all of this can be done and checked with complete ease in the app.

Kookon also offers a range of additional services to its renters,
such as Kookon Protection to keep your property safe
and the Kookon Pickup Station parcel terminal.

Currently, you can find Kookon
in various places in
and around Tallinn.

We are rapidly expanding to new locations that are at a convenient distance to more and more renters and offer increasingly innovative and time-saving solutions.

Kookon Pickup Station

Kookon’s own parcel terminal allows renters to send and receive parcels contact-free, simplifying their business activities. You no longer have to let anyone in to your storage space just to hand over the goods or be physically there to accept a delivery. For your convenience, you can use the Pickup Station on Kookon’s mobile app, on which you can also monitor a parcel’s status.

Kookon Protection

Ensure that your property is safe with Kookon Protection, which offers compensation for the value of your property up to your chosen limit in the event of burglary, fire, water damage, vandalism, a storm or a flood. It only takes a few seconds to order the Protection for yourself on the Kookon app.

Technical specifications of storage spaces

Kookon’s storage spaces were created to
fulfil customers’ needs and modern expectations and support
their business activities. This is achieved, for example, by using
web applications protected by cyber security solutions and implementing energy-efficient building solutions.

The storage spaces are perfect for storing goods. These spaces are not heated. The spaces are not prepared for water, sewage or internet.

The spaces can be fitted according to their intended use. All spaces have heating and internet, and are prepared for water and sewage.