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Storage number
Storage specifications
Width: 5.9 m
Length: 8.23 m
Height: 5 m
Squares: 70.5 m2
Cubage: 270.5 m3
Level: standard
Address: Tänassilma tee 17
Kookon type:

The spaces can be fitted according to their intended use. All spaces have heating and internet, and are prepared for water and sewage.

Technical specifications
  • A concrete floor with a load capacity of 3,500 kg/m2
  • Ceiling height of 5.0 metres
  • An automated tip-up door (3.0 x 3.6 m) with a separate door
  • Electrical connections for 220 V / 360 V
  • Readiness for water and sewerage connections
  • Free Internet access
  • Remotely readable electricity and water meters
  • A personal video surveillance camera in front of the door
  • Modern energy-saving LED lighting
  • A modern security alarm system
  • A fire alarm system
  • Ventilation (fresh-air valve and exhaust system)
  • Radiant heating, with readiness for air heating pumps
  • A personal activity log via the Kookon mobile application
  • External and internal walls of quality sandwich panels
Choose rent period:
Extra equipment fitted:
WC and sink
Boiler 50L
Second floor
Box status:

Tänassilma tee 17


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+372 5199 9075