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About Kookon

About Kookon

The most innovative smart storage solution in Northern Europe

Kookon is a contemporary complex of small spaces. Our spaces can be used both for storing things and for small-business operations and hobbies. Kookon allows storage and maintenance of hobby and gardening equipment, furniture, and devices seasonally; storage of goods to be sold in e-shops; and many more uses.

Kookon is always where you are: you can arrange access to your space day and night via a smartphone and monitor the activities in that space via surveillance from anywhere in the world.

Away when your business partner wants to deliver goods? This is not a problem when you use Kookon – you can monitor the action live via a mobile application, disarm the rental space’s alarm, open the tip-up door, observe how the goods are unloaded, set the alarm again, and close the door. The goods wait for you in the Kookon space safely.

The unique concept of Kookon has been developed in Estonia and implemented in collaboration with local businesses. Kookon is fully based on Estonian capital and connects long-term experience in the real-estate market with high-end IT competence.

Space according to your needs

Kookon focuses fully on providing solutions for customers’ need for space. Depending on the intended use, you can assemble space that meets precisely your needs. You can rent an appropriately sized Kookon for both short and long term.

The bottom area of a Kookon Standard room remains between 20 and 145 square metres. High ceilings (4.35–6.55 m) allow most rooms to be built on two levels besides offering other additional options. Each and every small space is water and sewage ready. If so desired by the customer, we can also install a toilet or a shower room, hot water boiler, air heating pump and an extra level. Some of our small spaces are equipped with oil separators so that our customers have a maxim range of different functionalities.

The rooms in the Kookon Light series are between 18 and 60 square metres. The ceilings throughout the structure are 4 m high. Compared to the Kookon Standard storage version, the rooms of Kookon Light cannot be heated, they are not water and sewage ready, and have no internet connection.

Kookon is a stronghold

– Security cameras that can be monitored from a smart device

– Gate with a rising arm barrier; all entries and exits are recorded

– Each space is equipped with a technical surveillance system

– Modern territory lighting with dusk sensors

– Territory surrounded by a high fence with security perimeters

– A personal activity log (e.g., alarming the area, alarms, utility consumption) via the mobile app Kookon

– Each space has an addressed automatic fire alarm system

– All access points have a two-tier identification system

– All web applications of Kookon are protected by state-of-the-art cyber security solutions

– 24/7 access

With Kookon Light, the barrier and the passage door can be opened, alarming can be controlled, and general cameras can be watched from a mobile app. The Kookon mobile app also records an activity log.

Specifications of Kookon Standard

– Ceiling height 4.35–6.55 m

– Automated sectional door with a passage door The widths of sectional doors vary between 2.4 and 3.3 metres, the opening height is 3.6–4 m.

– Concrete floors, maximum bearing capacity 3500 kg/m2

– Power connection 220 V/360 V, 16 A

– Water and sewage readiness

– Electrical radiator heating that ensures the minimal year-round temperature required by Kookon for indoor areas, +6

– Readiness for air heating pumps to be added

– Modern and energy efficient LED lighting

– Remotely readable electricity and water meters

– Technical alarm system equipped with mobility and magnet sensors whose central unit is connected to a reputable security company

– Remotely (via the Kookon mobile app) watchable personal video surveillance camera above the door

– Each room has addressed fire alarm sensors

– Ventilation (a fresh valve plus adjustable extraction)

– External and internal walls are from high-quality sandwich panels

– Free internet

Specifications of Kookon Light

– Ceiling height 4.0 m

– Opening height of sectional doors 3.6 m

– Storage room floor covered with asphalt

– Each storage room has 220 V/360 V power

– Kookon Light storage rooms cannot be heated and are not water and sewage ready

– LED lights used in storage rooms

– Territory covered with LED lighting

– Remotely readable electricity meters

– Rooms equipped with a technical surveillance system

– Rooms have an automatic fire alarm system

– All access points have two-tier identification system

– The mobile application of Kookon is protected by state-of-the-art cyber security solutions

– Storage rooms have natural ventilation (ventilation grids in the sectioned doors and in the pitched wall under the ceiling)

– Storage room walls of profiled sheets

– Territory surrounded by a high fence with security perimeters

– Manually opened sectioned door

– A shared toilet room within the complex


Space to match your needs

Room for a small business

Kookon is a good place for a new company to get started but also a stable location for well-established companies. Clean and pleasant rooms make a good impression on clients and create a motivating and valuable work environment. In addition to storage and small-scale industry, the space readily allows installing an office and meeting corner.

A winter home for boats and more

During the winter season, there’s no place like Kookon for storing your boat. It’s safe to keep it here, and washing and maintenance are convenient. You can easily grant access to those who will perform the maintenance, via a smart device.

A solution for storing trailers

Estonian weather is quite hostile towards trailers and other industrial and hobby equipment. Kookon is the best place to protect equipment from humidity, UV radiance, and extreme temperatures. In addition, Kookon protects the equipment against malicious intent. The space is also suitable for performing maintenance.

An aid for motor sports

If you have a motor sport or water sports hobby, Kookon is the perfect storage place for your equipment or its maintenance.

An ideal storeroom

Kookon is a good place to store your assets or goods. Be it summer-home furniture and gardening equipment that needs a safer storage location for the winter or household goods that need a home while you’re moving, Kookon is the answer.

A help for many hobbies

Table tennis, yoga, gymnastics, or any other hobby easily fits into a Kookon space. By designing the room in accordance with your wishes, you can fit in a table tennis club or even a fully operating ceramics studio.

The storage spaces are perfect for storing goods. These spaces are not heated. The spaces are not prepared for water, sewage or internet.

The spaces can be fitted according to their intended use. All spaces have heating and internet, and are prepared for water and sewage.